Monday, August 25, 2014

Monday Randomness - A Tale of Furniture Addiction

OK, so along with my fabric addiction I have a small addiction to a couple of other things...... shoes, specifically boots, and used furniture.

I used to smoke like a train so I guess it's part of my general make up.Luckily I never got rich and famous so I never developed any serious addictions

 I saw this baby a few weeks back at a lovely coffee / home decor boutique called Flux. I loved it but as I'm trying to be a sensible grownup and not impulse buy more projects!!!! I left said coffee shop......but with the measurements on a bit of paper.....

Long story short it went straight from the shop to my upholsterer...9 freakin metres of fabric later people!

Fortunately a wonderfully timed stop at my local spotlight saw this Powder Blue suede upholstery fabric on sale for $20 per metre down from $40 something

Unfortunately the squabs needed replacing and the denseness prevented them from being pulled in as before, but I still love it and wee girl thinks it's "cool"

Any directions to a good mosaic maker for photos so you poor people don't have to keep scrolling for Africa would also be greatly appreciated.....just sayin

 So that means this cute chair covered in really really ugly fabric, that was in bubby's room

Seriously soooo ugly now going to get the recovered treatment and go into my room!

 Probably with this gorgeous fabric!!!

 And these I've just thrown in so you know I wasn't lying about Spring coming

Daffodils and Daisies in my garden

 The view from my deck at 5.30pm...still light Yaaaaaay!

 It is Monday here but I'll link it up with the Tuesday girls Heather and Megan @ Quilt Story

 and Alyce @ Blossom Heart Quilts since it feels like forever since I've seen them!!!