Saturday, October 3, 2015

Farmer's Wife 1930's Sampler Quilt - What A Mouthful That Is!

So Angie of Gnome Angel fame is one of my gorgeous online Quilty Peeps, and I've been following her long before I even considered a blog!

 I can't remember how I stumbled across her blog but when she was trying for her wee man I was also trying for Little OWB ( now a threenager!!! ) so could relate to the anticipation of adding to our family and sometimes the frustration of being patient!

I loved her straight shooting down to earth approach to life and still do.

 Well she is hosting the Sew A Long for the above....I can't be bothered typing that mouthful again!

I initially just watched from the sidelines but then decided this might be the perfect opportunity to practice my new found philosophy of mindfulness.....smirk...apparently I am suffering from busy woman's syndrome and need to slow down...relax...take time to just be...and this includes my manic approach to sewing LOL

Also it's a chance to sew some more traditional blocks on a small scale and use some of my favourite stashed fabrics.

New Bedford in Sun by Denyse Schmidt

and also in Sea

Plus some FMF along with the coordinating solids that came with the Mimosa bundle from Westwood Acres.

Aaaaaand a few Vintage Katie Jump Rope scraps I have lying around just to round it all out.

They all play nicely together so I'll be interested to see if they translate well into these little 6 1/2" blocks.

So first up we have Becky.....cute name...and I don't think anyone who has met me has ever thought to shorten my name to this haha I'm definitely a Becs as opposed to a sweet Becky

I'm roughly sticking to the colour guide in the book with the odd substitute...not sure how I feel about Becky yet...a bit sickly?

However I love Bonnie, and after seeing some other Bonnie blocks I'm a bit gutted I don't have any fabrics that are perfect for fussing cutting

I've actually printed out all the FW blocks as I intend to paper piece the majority of them.
But out of the three this week Aunt was the only one that I used paper piecing for and only for the Square in Square centre.

In the spirit of commitment and organisation and so I enjoy the process?? I've stored all my blocks in clear sleeves within a ring binder.....let's see how long the order lasts...see below

No more neatly folded fat quarters!!!

This link here will take you to the Tutorials available through Angie if you'd like a taste without purchasing the book.

In all seriousness it took longer to choose the fabric than it did to sew ALL 3 blocks!
See you again soon lovelies x