Wednesday, July 1, 2015

No I Haven't Been Smothered By My Stash!!

Contrary to popular belief I haven't disappeared under a pile of fabric!
I am also in complete disbelief and denial that its been 2 MONTHS since we last spoke??

Damn life that keeps getting in the way LOL

OK moving on.......Below is the gorgeousness that is Alison Glass fabric and her deliciously saturated colours and the basis for my Alison Glass Mini Quilt Swap run on Instagram.

Some of them really smack you in the eyeballs like the Corsage and Party Streamer Lines

And even the Bike Path range is colour heavy although it reads to me as more of a stash builder fabric as it's less of a dominating  feature fabric

Image of Text Fabric Bundles
image sourced from
Text is probably the most familiar range on a visual level, simply for the big "text" following particularly in low volume prints these days.

Now you've had your brief Alison Glass lesson I will flood you with Pictures of my Mini

My first plan was something paper pieced....Surprise Surprise you say

But the more I played around with the fabric I wanted to try something that would showcase ALL the fabrics not just a select line or only a few fabrics.

I used the teeny tiny Dresden that I got from Westwood Acres for free with one of my orders...the cuteness was ridiculous!

Then I decided to add some Butterflies and hand stitch them down with Perle 8 thread.
It wasn't without a few trials and tribulations, including melting the invisible thread AFTER I'd appliqued the centres down, and having to redo two centres as the seam allowances popped out in the embroidery hoop!

But I think that's what these minis are all about? Trying something new, different or challenging on a small scale...but I do wish I was brave enough to be more adventurous with my FMQ. It's non existant!

And just look at this BEAUTIFUL mini I received from Shirley @simplesew

Shirley has used the Art Theory Panel in White and Charcoal and appliqued it down on some quarters  and also cut  a feature from another in the range to put on the "Bitch" background fabric which is a nod to the Profanity Swap I did back in February

My photo doesn't really do it justice but I'll try and capture a better on for Instagram tomorrow

Little OWB was suitably impressed and as excited as I was....I'm training her well LOL

Shirley packaged it generously with some lovely selvedges...which I do collect

And some generous extras, needle minder by @whatthebobbin and a nifty two finger magnetic sewing machine screwdriver, plus some charms.
A great Swap!!

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