Sunday, April 13, 2014

Sunday Stash - Because I Can

Hi my lovely peeps! I have been doing a little sewing this week but nothing really that I'm ready to share, so lets look at scrummy fabric instead...make a cuppa and get ya credit card handy cause ya gonna wanna buy some!
This is the part of the stack sitting next to my computer and quite randomly on this quote from Owen's Olivia
Not necessarily pertaining to fabric purchases haha...but still very relevant
First up Fox Field by the dynamic Tula Pink

It is sooooo gorgeous and the detail in this print is Tula at her best

I only got the Sunrise palette in fat quarters but loved the Hoppy Dot so bought a half yard of each in Shade and Dusk

This bundle is Les Monsieurs Fat Quarter Bundle in Coupe and I bought it simply because I never seem to have any baby boy quilts on hand to gift...I think it's because of little OneWeeBird, and after 3 boys I am still gaga colour wise over having a little girl to make stuff for.
Also the funky little men with moustaches made it boyish without being babyish?
These next fabrics are all part of one bundle Meadow by Beth Studley for Andover

they were a little out of my normal purchasing style

but it's fun to mix it up and get out of your usual must have colours and prints
 And sometimes you find a new MUST HAVE MORE fabric which for me is these

This weeks fabric feast was brought to you by Hawthorne Threads who are so accommodating when it comes to helping me spend my money!
Linking up to the lovely Molli Sparkles who is probably sewing faster than I'm spending xx
Molli Sparkles